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Gamamoe is based in a small town in Icheon, famous for having many outstanding pottery workshops in Korea, and has shown beautiful Korean ceramics made by Jong-Cheol Kim.

Artist Jong-Cheol Kim is an expert in Mu-yu-so-seong method, which is wood firing pottery without glazes. The ashes are blown from burning firewood in a kiln create a natural glaze effect on ceramics. The wood ash is blown irregularly in the process, so the finished pottery work has a natural effect of the marks of fire and ash, which create unique and beautiful designs. In addition to his works of wood-fired pottery without glazes, the artist of Gamamoe creates beautiful works by adding glazes reminiscent of mountains, the sky and the sea to his works that stand out in an unrefined yet beautifully curved form. As if the fire is burning, the spirits of his pottery flash. Dandelions sprout on the sunny side of the dirt road in front of the workshop, and haze blooms in the far-field. He is still creating another new life form today.

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