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Come and join our kitchen’s journey inspired by Korean heart, home, and soul dishes.

In the tableware room at Chacha Moa, you can meet hearty handcrafted dinnerware made by indie artisans. Join Chacha Moa’s Instagram community where we also learn and share flavourful simple living ideas with you.

In our Dam Da Kitchen in Edinburgh (in Alba, aye!), we craft classic & vegan kimchi and seasonal zero-waste jangajji, drawing inspiration from family recipes passed down by Seoyoung, the mommy and maker at Dam Da Kitchen. Our kimchi makes the tasty balance of crunchy fermented cabbage and veggies, citric and fruity sweetness and savoury kimchi sauce with a spicy kick. Share the joy of our slow-made Korean pantry and hearty meal inspirations with your loved ones. 

We believe in slow, steady, sustainable making of food. The wee ideas were born and bred in Seoul, and the ideas have become a lively form of fermenter’s journey, spreading homey joy around the spiritual land.

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