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Autumn pop up
lunch box

Warming up midst Edinburgh’s windy autumn

: Do-si-rak lunch box with Ellie at Fika


21 Oct

From 12 pm


Fika,  67 N Castle St, Edinburgh EH2 3LJ

Do-si-rak is a Korean lunchbox filled with rice and various side dishes. My mom and grandma had packed many lunchboxes for our school trips and various different occasions until my sister and I grew out of teenage time. They were in their simplest form, hearty, tasty, and without frill. 


Something I did not know at the time was that they were made with immense love and care. Having grown up a little bit more, those simple tasty dishes made at home are something I eventually came back to cook more often and feel the greatest joy in sharing with everyone especially those who also have the kind of nostalgia. On this Saturday’s pop-up, Ellie at Fika and I are preparing the autumny menu for you, bringing the hearty & tasty memories from our childhoods that still give us strength and warmth. 

Takeaway menu


Lunch box A 

Braised chicken and veggies in spicy housemade gochujang sauce (medium spicy) with rice, served with courgette mushroom mu-chim (kind of salad) and kimchi mayo potato tofu bite. £13


Lunch box B 

Braised tofu and veggies in soy sauce with rice, served with courgette mushroom mu-chim (kind of salad) and kimchi mayo potato tofu bite. £13


Extra topping

Roasted pumpkin & smoked duck breast £3.5

Housemade kimchi £1.5

Spinach and mung bean sprout salad £1

Dam Da Kitchen pop up

Jib-bap for Sunday Dinner

Korean/Filipino Jib-bap with Kirby 


20 Aug

Starts 7 pm, we will start to serve food when most diners arrive.


At Spoon Record, 100 Marchmont Crescent



Filipino pork abodo

Korean fried chicken

Tofu & Dam Da’s homemade kimchi

Maneuljjong jangajji (pickled garlic sprouts) 

Maneuljjong muchim (garlic sprouts with spicy gochujang sauce)

Egg roll

Sweet potato yoghurt salad

Gaji muchim (aubergine dish)

Korean green tea basque-style cheesecake 


Crispy bulgogi beef bibimbap X Dam Da special jang sauce


Wild garlic jangajji and tofu Bibimbap X Dam Da special jang sauce 

Beef kimchi ragu

Pork kimchi-jjim (braised pork and kimchi) 

Tagliatelle with mushroom and creamy soybean jang sauce

Homemade meat dumplings


Homemade vegan kimchi dumplings

Homemade vegan kimchi dumplings

Patatas bravas with ssamjang mayo sauce

Korean green tea basque-style cheesecake


Yackgwa (Korean cookie, cinnamon, pine nut)

Puffed millet with red bean mascarpone cream

June - July 2023
@Delightfully Delicious, 15 Roseneath Street, Edinburgh

Dam Da Kitchen Pop-up

and Summer Takeaway Kitchen

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